Friday, July 11, 2008

jahnhall for WCAGA

Outside a near camera catastrophe and with the invaluable assistance of fellow photographer, Peter Krasowski, shooting for the men's SS09 lookbook @ What Comes Around Goes Around.  3 boys, 40 looks, 5 hours.  Quite a production  (and as if WCAGA's vast archive wasn't enough). After casting and styling the previous week, the collection was brought to Manhattan's Socialista for a Cuban / Japanese cocktail, the collection inspired by a mix of 60s Cuba and Japan.

Thanks to Taylor James, Tom @ Basic and Nicolas @ Red who all evoked a rock-star trio on the lam -- think Hair without the patchouli and a collection that infuses rather than patronizes its influences.

The collection lands early 2009 and proves once again WCAGA is on to something very, very good.  

Check out Peter's work @ and WCAGA @

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