Sunday, September 28, 2008


It's become abundantly clear that blogging is not my bag.

I'm not sure if it's because I just suck at some things or perhaps an underlying fear that no one really checks this out. 

Then again, that could be the result of a measly 5 posts in the last couple months.

I'm working on it...I promise.

Until then, get your head out of the blogs and get as much information as you can about the coming election.  With just over a month ahead of us, it is our duty to be informed, and more importantly, VOTE...and while it's certainly not my place to sway one's decision regarding the election either left or right, I've been amused (read:  scared as hell) by one VP candidate's grasp of the issues.

While McCain has certainly made some brave decisions as a POW and as a member of the Senate, his decision to put Sarah Palin next in line for the presidential post (and with consideration that he may not survive his first term when you think the average American male lives to the age of 74) was foolish, if not down-right dangerous.

Consider the recent interview Ms. Palin stumbled through with CBS anchor, Katie Couric.  When asked about her foreign policy experience, she boastfully thought Alaska's proximity to both Canada and Russia were sufficient despite acknowledging little or no interaction with either country's leaders.  A greater concern, Palin admitted that she had just applied for and received her first passport in 2007, citing that she wasn't raised in a family culture where travel was a priority...adding that her 'education' of the world has literally been left in the hands of the media...

...and we all know how forthright and real the media can be.

Do your own homework, and again more importantly, make yourself heard.